Welcome to ALamo Group

Ethics and Company Policy

At the Alamo Group we are committed to uncompromising integrity in all that we do and in the way in which we relate to each other and to people outside the company.
Every one of us is personally responsible for making sure that our business decisions and actions are ethical and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations at all times. All management employees, including the directors of the Company, have a special responsibility to lead in both – words and action.
All concerns, questions and complaints will be taken seriously and handled promptly, confidentially and professionally.

Products – Oils and Fats

Our Oil is produced in multi locations and Ultra modern refineries in Europe. Our partners & subsidiaries allow us to provide our customers not only with the finest quality products, but also the highest quality service. We are proud to be an exclusive agent for refineries in Europe, Malaysia, Ukraine, Argentina and Egypt.